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JDM Business Law has a specialty in real estate law. Specifically, JDM Business Law can help you through the legal needs surrounding real estate acquisition, disposition, and lease agreements. Typically, these contracts are at least 40 pages long. Why are they so long? Because each provision addresses an issue that has risen in the past and the agreement’s goal is mitigate each risk. JDM Business Law can help you understand each provision.



Environmental Issues

Americans With Disabilities Act

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Misleading Advertising

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

Fair Housing

Independent Contractor Status

Unauthorized Practice Of Law

The advice of an experienced real estate lawyer dedicated to your business success can give you an important advantage. Please call Jerry Morgan in our office for a free, initial consultation.

The advice of an experienced real estate lawyer dedicated to your success can give you an important advantage. Please call Jerry for an initial, free consultation

Jerry Morgan, Phoenix AZ Business Lawyer

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Mike and Lorraine S.

Source: Verified Client Review

We utilized a subcontractor who we though didn’t do utilize the materials we selected. We hired Jerry to prove that the materials weren’t the ones we wanted and to redo the job. Jerry explained that we had an arbitration clause in our contract, and Jerry brought our claim. Jerry prepared us well for the hearing. The arbitrator decided fully in our favor. Jerry won the case and the contract changed out everything to what we had originally selected.

John M.

Source: Verified Client Review

Since 2012, Jerry has been my corporate attorney. From managing the agreements among the partners and owners, to the capitalization table, to governmental compliance, to the agreements with vendors, Jerry is the best. Jerry is smart with our legal spend. He will advise me whether the issue is worth a fight or if we should settle. Jerry gives good legal and financial counsel, and then allows me to make the decision. I recommend Jerry.

Justin T.

Source: Verified Client Review

Jerry’s a home run. When I started my business, he helped me with all the corporate work to get everything set up properly with my partners. He manages all my contracts and disputes.

Tom M.

Source: Verified Client Review

Jerry is a great attorney. He has represented me for over ten years on all my real estate matters, including the litigation and the leases. He’s responsive, smart, business oriented, and diligent. Jerry does a great job

Kathleen C.

Source: Verified Client Review

Jerry is the lawyer for all my commercial leases, commercial real estate purchase contracts, and corporate matters. I trust Jerry.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

If you are looking to start or expand your business, you will likely purchase or lease new land or space.  The agreements surrounding real estate can be complicated, especially when a lender is involved.  They involve large amounts of money, require multi-party involvement, and require key due diligence into the viability of the property and transaction.  Due to the large investment and substantial due diligence required in commercial property purchases, an experienced real estate attorney can both save you time and money. Jerry Morgan is an experienced real estate attorney who can help you through the entire real estate process.

If you are leasing property, the agreement between the landlord and tenant governs the relationship for years to come.  Most leases require personal guarantees of the principals.  If you do not understand all these provisions, you could be agreeing to provisions that you do want for the entire length of the lease term.  Jerry Morgan can help you navigate complex commercial leases and would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your lease.

Real Estate Disputes

As long as there has been real estate contracts, there have been real estate disputes.  JDM Business Law can help you in all aspects of the disputes and disagreements that derive from a real estate contract.  Buyer/Seller, Landlord/Tenant, Lender/Borrower, Title Insured/Title Insurer, property boundary, zoning violations, etc.  There are few things more personal, but more public, than real estate.  When a dispute arises, we can help.

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The advice of an experienced real estate lawyer dedicated to your business success can give you an important advantage. Please call Jerry Morgan in our office for a free, initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JDM Business Law’s goal is to represent you in the most comprehensive, legally accurate, and responsive manner possible.  With JDM Business Law, we hope to build a long-lasting, trusting attorney client relationship and to be your trusted legal advisor.

We work with business and individuals on corporate, real estate, construction and civil litigation matters.

Jerry Morgan will work on your case.

Jerry Morgan will advise you on each possible business structure and the benefits and negatives of each.  Most small businesses today utilize a limited liability company, but some choose corporations, with or without an S election through the IRS.  In addition, professionals, such as doctors, accountants, real estate agents, are required to form professional corporations or companies for their professions.  Again, JDM Business Law will work with you to decide the best option for you.

Forming a corporation or company is a great way to minimize your risk.  Reason being: if everything goes wrong and if the company suffers, only the money you’ve previously invested in the company can be lost. No personal assets are at risk.

Selecting a business name is an important and personal name.  Once you select the name you desire, we will work together to determine if the name has been used previously, is it trademarked, is it already being used by a different company or corporation in Arizona, is a website available for the name, etc.

We will absolutely work together to verify the legal authenticity of your company and if any issues exist, we will work together to solve them.

JDM Business Law’s goal is to achieve your goal.  Most clients desire to avoid conflict through meeting with the opposing party and coming to a win/win compromised solution.  However, some clients do not believe that a successful compromise has been reached.  In that case, we will litigate or arbitrate the dispute until conclusion.

We will always get back to you that day or by the next day.

JDM Business Law bills clients through a variety of options: fixed base fee, contingency fee, or an hourly fee.  Please call Jerry Morgan to discuss your case and to discuss the correct fee system for you.