Arizona Construction Law Attorneys

Arizona Construction Law Attorneys

JDM Business Law provides the highest value guidance and legal services to members within the construction business sector. We serve contractors, subcontractors, and owners, with a commitment to developing a detailed knowledge of the construction process and the companies involved in it.

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Employment Law in Construction

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Mike and Lorraine S.

Source: Verified Client Review

We utilized a subcontractor who we though didn’t do utilize the materials we selected. We hired Jerry to prove that the materials weren’t the ones we wanted and to redo the job. Jerry explained that we had an arbitration clause in our contract, and Jerry brought our claim. Jerry prepared us well for the hearing. The arbitrator decided fully in our favor. Jerry won the case and the contract changed out everything to what we had originally selected.

John M.

Source: Verified Client Review

Since 2012, Jerry has been my corporate attorney. From managing the agreements among the partners and owners, to the capitalization table, to governmental compliance, to the agreements with vendors, Jerry is the best. Jerry is smart with our legal spend. He will advise me whether the issue is worth a fight or if we should settle. Jerry gives good legal and financial counsel, and then allows me to make the decision. I recommend Jerry.

Justin T.

Source: Verified Client Review

Jerry’s a home run. When I started my business, he helped me with all the corporate work to get everything set up properly with my partners. He manages all my contracts and disputes.

Tom M.

Source: Verified Client Review

Jerry is a great attorney. He has represented me for over ten years on all my real estate matters, including the litigation and the leases. He’s responsive, smart, business oriented, and diligent. Jerry does a great job

Kathleen C.

Source: Verified Client Review

Jerry is the lawyer for all my commercial leases, commercial real estate purchase contracts, and corporate matters. I trust Jerry.

Arizona Construction Law Attorneys

JDM Business Law provides the highest value guidance and legal services to members within the construction business sector. We serve contractors, subcontractors, and owners, with a commitment to developing a detailed knowledge of the construction process and the companies involved in it.

Jerry has practiced construction law for over twenty years, both as a litigator and in transaction work.  We have practical experiences in building and construction, which helps our clients at any stage of the construction process, from beginning through the project closeout.

Construction lawyers frequently support clients in all facets of the business of building and construction. We advise our clients by drafting and negotiating legal agreements for a variety of project delivery systems.  We can also help to establish subcontractor programs that aid in project management and in insurance specific provisions and programs.

While we can litigate construction claim disagreements, JDM Business Law strives to prevent conflicts by concentrating on risk management, planning, early intervention, claims prevention, and avoidance practices.  When conflicts do occur, we are here to assist with resolving contentious problems before they end up in drawn-out lawsuits. When claims cannot be prevented, our attorneys will use their expertise in mediation, arbitration, and litigation to prosecute and defend construction claims on your behalf.

Areas of Concentration

Arbitration and Mediation: Our lawyers understand and have the knowledge to navigate dispute resolution provisions to represent our clients before arbitration panels, mediators, and other types of alternative dispute resolution. When we advocate for a client, we have the experience and capability to handle alternative forums.

Construction Claim & Contract Dispute Resolution: Claims over contract interpretation are commonly based on complex issues, including problems with notice, damages, fees, indemnity, and allocation of risks. Our understanding of the problems and experience will allow JDM Business Law to successfully represent your interests. We concentrate on effective steps that assure our clients only enter enforceable contracts and to realize the benefits of all provisions of the agreement. Our goal is to educate you and advocate based on our mutual decision, so we always agree on the ideal way to remedy disputes.

Construction Financing and Lender Liability: We fully understand building and construction financing and have represented contractors and owners in their interactions with construction loan providers.  We can assist you in the payment process for contractors by creating and negotiating construction escrows and loan documents. When the construction payment process is disrupted or delayed, we can also pursue lenders on your behalf who abuse the construction loan process.

Contract Preparation and Negotiation: One of the best litigation preventative measures is to only enter thoughtful and appropriate contracts for your projects. Our lawyers have experience in drafting, modifying, and customizing contracts to meet your specific needs. Because we understand the industry and construction-related problems, as well as legal rules governing construction in Arizona, JDM Business Law provides unparalleled resources for contract reviews and drafting requirements.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors: JDM Business Law understands the Arizona Registrar’s licensing laws and regulations and how crucial proper licensing can be to your project. Because requirements are continuously changing, we work with you to ensure that you are aware of all licensing laws and license application criteria. Should licensing problems arise, or should a claim be brought against you by the Registrar, we will use our experience to represent you before the Registrar and work to ensure your license remains active.

Payment and Performance Bonds: Our attorneys have been involved in performance and payment bond claims and conflicts. Our practice is focused on the representation of general contractors and subcontractors, and through that we have experience representing payment bond claimants. We have gained extensive knowledge of the different claims and defenses that may be asserted on private ventures, as well as public projects. We assist clients with an initial examination of their bond claim dispute and then help to develop a strategy for finding a resolution to the bond claim if possible.

Project Administration: We always work towards a risk reduction approach when it comes to project management. We suggest routine pieces of training that focus on a pragmatic approach to avoiding expensive legal problems. Your management team should consult with our firm attorneys regularly, especially before making any decisions that might have damaging legal repercussions. When issues develop during a project, our lawyers can step in to help you to resolve the problems before they develop into a lawsuit.

Project Closeout: We advise our contractor clients with all concerns regarding a project closeout including closing subcontracts or finishing the contractor commitments and receiving payments.

Termination & Default: We have considerable experience in assessing termination and default claims. We aid our clients in assessing the functional effect of termination, in weighing the risks and benefits of terminating the opposing party for declining to perform as required, and other aspects of a “contract gone bad”. We also guide our clients on how to evaluate possible remedies rather than termination.

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The advice of an experienced business lawyer dedicated to your success can give you an important advantage. Please call Jerry Morgan in our office for an free, initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JDM Business Law’s goal is to represent you in the most comprehensive, legally accurate, and responsive manner possible.  With JDM Business Law, we hope to build a long-lasting, trusting attorney client relationship and to be your trusted legal advisor.

We work with business and individuals on corporate, real estate, construction and civil litigation matters.

Jerry Morgan will work on your case.

Jerry Morgan will advise you on each possible business structure and the benefits and negatives of each.  Most small businesses today utilize a limited liability company, but some choose corporations, with or without an S election through the IRS.  In addition, professionals, such as doctors, accountants, real estate agents, are required to form professional corporations or companies for their professions.  Again, JDM Business Law will work with you to decide the best option for you.

Forming a corporation or company is a great way to minimize your risk.  Reason being: if everything goes wrong and if the company suffers, only the money you’ve previously invested in the company can be lost. No personal assets are at risk.

Selecting a business name is an important and personal name.  Once you select the name you desire, we will work together to determine if the name has been used previously, is it trademarked, is it already being used by a different company or corporation in Arizona, is a website available for the name, etc.

We will absolutely work together to verify the legal authenticity of your company and if any issues exist, we will work together to solve them.

JDM Business Law’s goal is to achieve your goal.  Most clients desire to avoid conflict through meeting with the opposing party and coming to a win/win compromised solution.  However, some clients do not believe that a successful compromise has been reached.  In that case, we will litigate or arbitrate the dispute until conclusion.

We will always get back to you that day or by the next day.

JDM Business Law bills clients through a variety of options: fixed base fee, contingency fee, or an hourly fee.  Please call Jerry Morgan to discuss your case and to discuss the correct fee system for you.